TrustiSite Details

Protect your business and customers from modern security threats with TrustiSite.


TrustiSite is a uniquely-powerful suite of web security tools that protect and enhance your website and e-commerce business from the ever-present threat of cyber crime.

Think of TrustiSite as an intelligent security analyst, at work seven days a week. TrustiSite is also an insurance agent, protecting your data from digital disaster, and a key member of your marketing team, speeding up your e-commerce platform and increasing sales and even a compliance officer, helping you demonstrate PCI compliance and good practice.   

All this for less than £10 per week. Can you afford to say no?

TrustiSite offers 8 layers of cybersecurity protection and website enhancement:

  1. Web Detect continually monitors your website for vulnerabilities
  2. Web Patch automatically applies the latest security patches to websites using the most common content management systems and the most popular e-commerce stores.
  3. Web Repair detects and removes malware and malicious code.
  4. Web Backup and Restore automatically protects your business from server failure, accidental damage and cyber attack.
  5. Web DNS ensures your website is easy and quick to find, from anywhere in the world.
  6. Web Accelerate is an advanced content delivery network that dramatically speeds up websites, improving customer satisfaction and sales.
  7. Web Firewall allows customers and search engines through to your site but keeps out malicious bots, automated attacks and hackers.
  8. Web Comply helps ensure you meet and maintain PCI DSS compliance – essential if you are taking card payments through your website.

Many of the tools work together to deliver multi-layer protection, making your website a tough prospect for cyber criminals. And with so many poorly-protected websites to choose from, they’ll most likely go somewhere else.

TrustiSite is fully compatible with leading CMS systems, (WordPress, Joomla! And Drupal), MySQL databases and leading e-commerce platforms Prestashop, Woo Commerce and Magneto.

You wouldn’t leave the front door to your house wide open for burglars. And you shouldn’t leave your website – the front door to your business – wide open to cyber criminals either. Get the biggest e-padlock you can – TrustiSite from Trust365.

Web Detect

Web Detect checks your website daily for vulnerabilities, malware, and blacklisting.

Why do you need it?

The web is always changing. Your website inhabits a dangerous world where anonymous criminals continually seek opportunities to commit cyber crime. Making sure your website is free from vulnerabilities is hugely time-consuming – unless you invest in a tool that does it for you. Step forward Web Detect.


  • Monitors websites daily for security vulnerabilities found in the most common content management systems (CMS) -WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal – and the most-used e-commerce systems WooCommerce, Prestashop and Magento.

  • Finds malware and links to potentially dangerous sites that could cause damage.

  • Checks that your website hasn’t been blacklisted or identified as a spam site.


  • Daily scan – never get out of date or behind the curve

  • Automatically detects vulnerabilities and patches them

  • Optimized scanning that is fast and light weight

  • Easy configuration and maintenance

  • Automated alerts and live results

Web Patch

Security vulnerabilities are discovered all the time, and security patches are constantly released to keep web services secure. Web Patch makes sure your site always has the most up to date patches.

Why do you need it?

Approximately one third of websites use one of the leading content management systems (CMS): WordPress, Joomla! andDrupal. Yet about 80% of these websites run outdated versions of their CMS, making them vulnerable to cyber criminals.

Web Patch makes sure your website is fully updated with the latest security patches, so cyber criminals look elsewhere.


  • CMS core files automatically updated with the latest updates, keeping your WordPress /Joomla! / Drupal- based sites as secure as possible.

  • Automatically patches seven of the most popular plug-ins: All-In-One SEO Pack, Contact Form 7, WordPress Importer, Google XML, Sitemaps, TinyMCE Advanced, Yoast SEO, Jetpack

  • Automatically patches three leading e-commerce platforms: WooCommerce, Prestashop and Magento.


  • Automatically detects vulnerabilities and patches them

  • Optimized scanning that is fast and lightweight

  • Easy configuration and maintenance

  • Automated alerts and live results

Web Repair

Web Repair scans your website for malicious files and code. Any infections are removed and the website repaired.

Why do you need it?

Malware, backdoor files and malicious bots are hard to find yet provide cyber criminals with a backdoor into your system. Web Repair scans your website daily to detect and remove malicious code, significantly reducing the risk of falling victim to cyber crime.


  • Daily scans.

  • Automatic malware detection and removal.

  • Automatic database cleaning for WordPress, Joomla! and any MySQL-driven web application.

  • Customised protection from unauthorised access and SEO SPAM.


  • Automatically detects and removes malware

  • Comprehensive analysis of a website from the outside-in

  • Removes backdoor files, bots and other

  • malicious code

  • Cloud-based; No additional load on the server

  • Continuous scanning capabilities

Web Backup and Restore

Ensure your website and e-commerce business remains open for business with automatic, secure backups and one-click restore.

Why do you need it?

Server failure, data corruption or a malicious attack can take you web service off-line, damage critical files and stop your e-commerce business in its tracks. Web Backup and Restore automatically backs up your website, allow you to restore operation with a single click.


  • Sophisticated, automated, scheduled back-up.

  • Compatible with any mix of CMS.

  • Automatically detects popular CMS databases. (For other databases, manual security configuration is used.)

  • Can be configured to suit user requirements.

  • One-click restore.

  • Identifies additions, deletions and changes, helping avoid mistakes and unauthorised changes.


  • Avoid downtime – restore your website quickly and continue trading.

  • Nothing to install – backup carried over Secure FTP.

  • Incremental backup to reduce disk space and storage costs.

  • Backup security encrypted and stored offsite for geographic resilience.


Web DNS allows your website to be found quickly and reliably by web users globally.

Why do you need it?

A Domain Name System (DNS) converts your website name into an IP address so traffic can be routed over the internet. Slow DNS resolution will slow down your website, making it appear unresponsive. The Anycast DNS network offers near real-time propagation, fast DNS resolution, global points of presence and multi-site resilience, ensure customers reach your website quickly and reliably.


  • Multiple, global points of presence with smart routing, load balancing and fail over.

  • Rapid domain name resolution.

  • Near real-time domain name propagation.

  • Multiple dispersed servers around the globe offering huge routing diversity to avoid bottlenecks.

  • Built-in security protects against Levels 3, 4 and 5 DDoS attacks.

  • IPV6 support.

  • Guaranteed 100% uptime.


  • Speed Boost

  • Improved Reliability

  • Near real-time propagation

  • Network-Wide DDoS protection

  • Guaranteed 100% Uptime

  • Automated Scaling

  • Redundancy and Optimization with global routing options

Web Accelerate

Web Accelerate is an intelligent content delivery network that ensures your web pages are served quickly.

Why do you need it?

You spend a significant amount of money attracting customers to your website – but a slow site will cause them to leave without buying anything. Research shows that even a one second page delay can reduce conversion by over 5%. Web Accelerate helps ensure you don’t lose customers due to slow servers.


  • 45 Edge Locations in 5 continents

  • 65Tbps Total Throughput

  • 2600+ Peering Partners

  • 28,000+ Global ASNs

  • Intelligent, customised caching – choose how, how long and even where content is cached.

  • Instant purge if you update your site

  • Improved search engine optimisation by minimising time to first byte (TTFB)


  • Increase customer satisfaction with a fast, responsive website

  • Increases your website’s speed by 50% on average

  • Static content caching

  • Uses 40-70% less bandwidth

  • Fully secures end-to-end encryption for SSL

  • Enables high volumes of traffic with minimal lag time

  • Improves SEO ranking

Web Firewall

Web Firewall lets legitimate site visitors in whilst keeping out automated threats and bad actors.

Why do you need it?

The average website is attacked over 50 times every day, so you need a firewall that lets customers and search engines in but keeps cyber criminals out. Bad actors may bombard you site with traffic (denial of service) or attack you in many other ways. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has identified the top ten cyber threats to website; these – and other threats – are effectively manged by Web Firewall.


  • Zero-touch configuration.

  • OWASP Top Ten Threats protection.

  • Bad Bot protection.

  • Threat detection algorithms with learning capability.

  • Backdoor access protection.

  • Brand reputation monitoring.


  • Blocks targeted attacks

  • Prevents search engine blacklisting

  • Helps prevent zero-day exploits and other website threats

  • Enables high volumes of traffic with zero lag time

  • Simplifies PCI Compliance

  • Provides fully secure end-to-end encryption for SSL

  • Improves SEO ranking

Web Comply

Web Comply automates and simplifies the process of gaining PCI compliance – essential if your website collects card payments.

Why do you need it?

Customer card data is a key target for hackers. Any payment card data breach will damage your reputation and could lead to significant fines. The payment card industry has established guidelines for ensuring card data is kept secure. Merchants collecting payment card information must be PCI compliant, and Web Comply makes this process straightforward.


  • Guided approach to the PCI DSS compliance process

  • Scanning and remediation, with easy to use reports and improvement recommendations.

  • Flexible scanning speed to manage site impact.

  • Regular scans to ensure ongoing compliance.


  • Greatly simplifies PCI compliance

  • Unlimited PCI scans

  • Full reporting capabilities

  • Centralized management

  • Remediation instructions

  • Scheduled scans

  • Disruptive free