Professional Services

Our Professional Services Team are hand-picked from a growing pool of Global expertise in Cybersecurity consulting. Proven leaders in their field managed by Senior Team with 25 years of consulting experience.

Our consultants are trusted by many Systems Integrators, Governments and Global Brand owners to deliver on time every time.

How do we deliver the same successful outcome every time?

Harnessing every Digital Transformation deliverable using our Cyber Risk Audit & Assessment Framework every time to the same SLA that many banks already use, is our Repeatable Success Model. Many organisations now trust us to recover failed or failing projects as the result of our growing reputation.

Our tried & tested Quick-Wins Project Recovery & Governance approach is proving that many consultancy providers are already presiding over their client’s failure to secure their organisations.

Managed Services Lifecycle

Service Design Workshop
Presenting the key Audit requirements and deliverables to the key stakeholders. Agreeing the objectives and the priority risk mitigators.

Business Requirements Audit
Aligning the objectives to the current state and ensuring that the Audit process fits with the maturity stage of your security organisation.

Business Alignment Report
The output from our initial findings and Quick Wins recommendations.

Implementation Planning
Working closely with your Team to get the most out of the Build and Roll-out Plans.

Build Program Delivery
Recording the Remediation Plan actions and target outcome from a Security & Risk Policy perspective and the alignment with industry-specific Governance and Compliance perspective.

Service Build Testing & GRC Reporting
Direct consultation with organisation and 3rd Party Vendors to establish a Statement of Works and Change Program designed around strict KPIs.

EUAT Testing & Revisions
An all-encompassing, PMO-led Change Program designed to deliver the key remediation Plan objectives and to establish a robust and resilient Cybersecurity posture.

Service Platform Commissioning & Roll-out
A Quality Assurance exercise carried-out in consultation with all Stakeholders. This will typically involve independent Program attestation.

End-to-end encryption always

Whether you need Secure Email or Mobile Device Certificate deployment, Trustify’s expertise in PKI Service Design always means that the data protection gaps and risk have been fully mitigated.

Integrated SOC 3.0 Principles

Proactive Threat Management is built-into to every Trustify product and service. You can be assured that continuous monitoring and protection systems sit right at the core of everything we do.

SLA Requirements

Our Managed Service options include fully outsourced 1, 3 or 5-year plans or providing you with the platform, the management console and training to DIY the service – 24/7/365 in any geography or data jurisdiction.